I create custom rigs for animation in Cinema 4D.

You can book me to create a complete character for animation from scratch, or pass me an already created character for retopology, skinning, and rigging.

— What type of features a rig from you would have?

IK/FK controls, bendy bones, stretchable limbs, blend shapes for various facial expressions, and custom controls created for your specific case.

— What if I have a character with bad topology?

At the beginning of each project, I’m making sure that your character has a correct topology, and if that’s not the case I can put together a request for your character artist, or fix it by myself.

— Do you work with high-poly characters?

In case you only have a high-poly version of your character, I can do a retopology, UV unwrapping, and baking as a part of the project.

— Could you use some sort of scripting?

I use XPresso scripting in Cinema 4D for almost all of my rigs. It allows me to simplify your further experience with the rig as animator. That way I can provide handy controls and build dependecy systems for bones and other parts of the rig.

Do you have some project in mind?
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“Tino is a great 3D artist with outstanding communication skills. He knows what’s cool, how to create cool stuff, and how to lead others.”

Ivan Braun
CEO @ Icons8

“It goes without saying that Tino is a talented artist and designer. His work speaks for itself. He is also a wonderful person to have on your team. Humble, hardworking, and kind. It’s a privilege to have worked with him on a number of projects over the years.”

Ben Fryc
Lead 3D Artist @ Polywork